About SEEK

Launched in 1966, by the New York State Legislature, The Percy Ellis Sutton SEEK Program is a an opportunity program for qualified high school graduates who might not attend college otherwise. The program starts during the summer, with intensive workshops for all matriculating freshmen. Academic support and counseling is available to students during their entire undergraduate college career. The Percy E. Sutton SEEK Program of Queens College is located in Lloyd Delany Hall. Delany Hall is named after Dr. Lloyd Delany, who was appointed the first African American Director of the SEEK Program at Queens College.

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Counselors’ Highlights

As mandated by the CUNY SEEK guidelines, SEEK students are entitled to counseling services for as long as they are enrolled in college. The SEEK Counseling Unit at Queens College was designed to provide a full range of academic, personal, career, and social welfare counseling services to students from pre-admission through graduation. Entering students are assigned a counselor, with whom they remain until graduation. The counselor serves in a multiplicity of roles including advocate, advisor, mediator, instructor, and mentor.