As mandated by the CUNY SEEK guidelines, SEEK students are entitled to counseling services for as long as they are enrolled in college. 

The SEEK Counseling Unit at Queens College was designed to provide a full range of academic, personal, career, and social welfare counseling services to students from pre-admission through graduation.  Entering students are assigned a counselor, with whom they remain until graduation.  The counselor serves in a multiplicity of roles including advocate, advisor, mediator, instructor, and mentor.

The mission of the SEEK Counseling Unit is to provide the necessary counseling services that will enable students to reach their full potential, become independent citizens, complete a degree, and develop the life skills they need to achieve their goal.  The Counseling Unit fulfills its mission by providing individual and group counseling services, teaching the Freshman Orientation course, and providing specialized services that meet the needs of a culturally diverse student population. Establishing an ongoing relationship with their assigned SEEK Counselor is critical to every students academic success at Queens College.

Every Semester, you should see your SEEK Counselor for all matters relating to:
1) Transcript revision, academic audits
2) Meeting graduation requirements
3) Priority registration
4) Program planning
5) Withdrawal from a course
6) P/NC a course

You may call (718) 997-3150 for more information.

You must see a SEEK Counselor immediately if you:
1) Are on academic probation
2) Have 24+ credits and have not passed all three CUNY Assessment Exams. You are currently registered in ENG 110 or ENG 115.3 and have not passed the Reading or Writing components of the CUNY Assessment Exams.
3) Have 45 credits and have not declared a major
4) Have 96 credits for a Graduation Audit