SEEK Peer Mentor Internship

SEEK Peer Mentor Program Mission Statement

The SEEK Peer Mentoring Program was created to provide valuable peer related knowledge regarding the college experience. The goal is to have peer mentors serve as a guide for incoming SEEK freshmen. The program would train mentees to tackle concerns about college life, help dispel myths incoming freshmen may have about their college experience and share personal strategies for becoming a successful student.

Eligibility to be a SEEK Peer Mentor

  • Sophomore, junior or senior QC SEEK Student 
  • GPA of 2.85 or higher
  • Compliant with all SEEK Program Requirements

Minimum Commitment

  • Mentoring Internship is a 1 year commitment (Summer, Fall & Spring)
  • Attend 2 day mentor training during the month of June
  • Summer Immersion and Bridge Programs (ending of June and whole month of July)
  • 2 in-person group sessions per week with students assigned to caseload
  • 30 – 45 min sessions
  • Participate in debrief sessions with Peer Mentor Coordinator
  • Participate in the Fall Semesters Student Life Workshop taught by a SEEK Counselor
  • Follow up at least twice a month with assigned mentee’s during the Spring Semester
  • Input all mentee contacts into Google drive spreadsheet

Benefits  of the SEEK Peer Mentor Internship

  • You are exempt from all program requirements (SEEK Card) except meeting with your counselor, that is always required. 
  • Add the Internship to your resume as experience
  • Obtain recommendation letters from your supervisors (Ms. Perez & Mr. Osias) as well as a recommendation letter from the SEEK Director, Mrs. Blackman-Richards. 
  • Satisfaction of giving back to the SEEK Program
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