Meet our Mentors

SEEK Peer Mentor Internship Mission Statement

The SEEK Peer Mentoring Program was created to provide valuable peer related knowledge regarding the college experience. Trained Mentors share their wisdom of surviving college with their first semester peers.

You must be a SEEK Sophomore, Junior or Senior with at least a 2.8 GPA and in compliance with SEEK program requirements to be eligible for this internship. 

Any questions please email Jessica Perez @

Mentor Testimonials

 "Being a peer mentor was a worthwhile experience because along with being a support to the mentees, I have gained several interpersonal skills such as leadership, and communication."
"I wanted to say that becoming a Peer Mentor helped me flourish as a better individual because I was able to level up my leadership skills"  
"I love helping individuals so being a mentor really encouraged me to be more open and helpful to my mentees."
"This program also helped me grow personally and professionally. It helped me get out of my comfort zone and learn communication skills."  
"Becoming a SEEK peer mentor was an amazing experience because I was able to share my knowledge to my mentees and learn from them as well."
"talking to students in the Fall SLW it made me see how many can relate to the stress in college and how good it feels when you have someone who was in your position."
"with patience and determination, I was able to help and advise incoming Freshman to adapt to a new environment."